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3 Kitchen/Bath Upgrades to Make to Your Home in 2021

3 Kitchen/Bath Upgrades to Make to Your Home in 2021


Featured Image – @evolvelightingco from Instagram – SKU: KS8728DX Your home is more than a place to eat, sleep, cook, clean, and store things. Home is a place to grow, raise families, and better ourselves. We conduct a lot of our daily tasks in the home, which may end up being some of our fondest memories. As time passes by, you will change, and so should your home. It may be time for a complete renovation, a replacement, or an upgrade. The bathrooms and kitchens are two of the most popular rooms for home upgrades! But you may be unsure what you should include in your next upgrade. We at Kingston, specialize in plumbing fixtures and want to offer some inspiration for your next home-improvement project!


The first bathroom upgrade you should consider is adding a grab bar. The idea for this upgrade is accessibility, ensuring that anyone in your household will have an easier time using the shower area. Kingston also offers grab bars in multiple color finishes and sizes so you can match your grab bar with other fixtures.

Approaching bathroom upgrades from another angle, upgrades like new matching robe hooks and toilet paper holders can be small but mighty ways to add a more uniform design style to your bathroom. For example, if you currently have a brushed brass bathroom faucet but you haven’t been able to add any upgrades to match, a brushed brass toilet paper holder and robe hook can be the perfect smaller upgrades to match that faucet finish.

Kitchen Upgrades

It may be time to reassess your kitchen setup and consider upgrading with a new kitchen sink for added functionality. The sink is one of the main work areas of the kitchen, as well as a place for simple but impactful upgrades. Many sinks include space for dish soap dispensers, side sprayers, a filtration faucet, and even an aerator. Being able to coordinate the style and color of all these accessories really pulls the entire sink area together. Kingston carries one of the largest selections of kitchen accessories today!

Another upgrade option can be adding a bar sink and bar faucet upgrades to your home. This sink addition can free up space away from the main sink area, and can even be set up in other rooms that require a sink such as an entertainment space, or even an outdoor kitchen space.


Whether you choose to upgrade small with new robe hooks or choose to upgrade with a new pot filler, Kingston Brass has all the fixtures you need for a home design upgrade. With products in multiple styles and finishes, you will be able to find exactly the fixture you need to make your home look exactly like you want it!

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