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08/31/2010    What to be avoided in order to keep my Gourmetier sink in good performance condition?
08/31/2010    what is a pressure balanced valve and why do I need it?
08/31/2010    If my original place of purchase says that my Item has been discontinued does that mean Kingston Brass has also discontinued this item as well?
09/24/2010    What is the difference between Ceramic and washerless?
09/24/2010    What Cleaning products should I stay away from while cleaning my Kingston Brass item?


04/20/2015   I do not live in California, Why does my product include that label?
04/20/2015   If you claim that your product is safe, why do you still include this label on your products?
04/20/2015   Why do I see a label on my Kingston Brass box that says that this product may cause cancer?
03/27/2014   How do I choose between the KS265 and the KS266 series of Wall and Tub Mounted Faucets?
09/24/2010   What shall I do for routine care on my stainless steel sink